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I have started a seperate blog at http://dinghy4sale.blogspot.com which basically tells you how I have arrived at this point.

I have been involved with boats, dinghies etc., for a long time. Almost 50 years. In that time I have obviously picked up a lot of information about boating activities. Not only sailing boats but also the maintenance of all types of boats.

In fact when I was young I collected every Practical Boat Owner magazine published, and knew so many articles in them I could not only tell you which issue an item appeared in but usually what page number! I know it sounds sad!?! But when you are young it was something to be proud of. So you can gather I was “soaked” in everything boating wise.

Nowadays I seem to spend my time more on maintenance and building boats/dinghies than actually out on the water getting pleasure from the sea. But each year I get to sail or fish using boats of some form or other.

At the moment I am concentrating on building dinghies. The driveway is full. New dinghies, a mirror dinghy given to me by a friend to fix up and eventually sail (soon I hope), and a jet drive cruiser – 35 knots plus!

I hope you will find time to visit my blog as it is an insight to my activities.

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