Dinghies whether they are for rowing, sailing, or fishing come in all sizes and types.  I personally have used dozens.  From my first, a plywood pram dinghy, to the most recent an 8 foot fibreglass stem dinghy, (which I manufacture myself – see blog) all are great fun!

First, decide what you want your dinghy to be able to do.  There are lots of dinghies for sale.  Make a list of the main objectives, i.e. must the dinghy be easily stored (inflatable dinghy); must it be easily rowed (glassfibre stem dinghy); must it be fast (inflatable rib sports boat) etc.

Consider the questions and answers carefully, and chose which type is best for you and the family.  I say the family because when you reach your destination for the evening, the kids might just want to explore and let off steam; the dinghy then comes into its own.  Think about adding an outboard or a sail to aid enjoyment. As I say consider carefully as the dinghy can make or break the whole experience!

Within the site, you will find all sorts of dinghies for sale at various prices.  All great value!

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